Exhibition of 'ONE YEAR IN CHINA'

Exhibition of 'ONE YEAR IN CHINA'


2017 - Qualified European photographer certificate


2014 | PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR, FOODPRINT, Food Photography, Belgium.

2012 | SILVER AWARD, Belgian National Association of Professional Photographers

2011 | BRONZE AWARD (illustrative), European Professional Photographer of the Year, FEP

2011 | BRONZE FINALIST (illustrative), European Professional Photographer of the Year, FEP

2010 | BRONZE AWARD (illustrative), European Professional Photographer of the Year, FEP

2009 | BRONZE AWARD (illustrative), European Professional Photographer of the Year, FEP


2019 | LENS op de MENS, International Open Air Group Exhibition, Pelt, Belgium.

2018 | CIBARIS, L’ARTE DEL CIBO, Food Photography, group Exhibition, Cervia, Italy

2016 | HOFKE VAN CHANTRAINE, Group Exhibition 'Light', Oud Turnhout, Belgium

2014 | INT’L BROADCAST CENTRE, Solo Show, Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, UK.

2012 | GALLERY PHOTO 8, Group Exhibition, London, UK

2010 | LIBRARY/CULTURAL CENTRE KASTERLEE, Solo Exhibition 'One Year in China', Belgium

2009 | CENTRAL LIBRARY OF ANTWERP, Group Exhibition in collaboration with 'Europalia

2007 | GALLERY DE MISPEL, Group Exhibition, Lille, Belgium

2007 | GC't HEILAAR Cultural Centrum, "NOCTURNE", Solo Exhibition, Beerse, Belgium

2006 | SDWORKS, Solo Exhibition 'Landscapes define us', Solo Exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium

2006 | CENTRUM EDDY HEIREMANS, Group Exhibition 'Port of Antwerp', Antwerp, Belgium


2006 | MUSEUM JAN VAERTEN BEERSE, Group Exhibition, Beerse, Belgium

2005 | BEELDEN BIENNALE BEERSE, Group Exhibition, Int'l Artists, Beerse, Belgium

2005 | HOEVE VAN DE KOLONIE, 'A Coffin Art-Project', Group Exhibition, Merksplas, Belgium

2005 | GALLERY OF APPLIED ARTISTS GUILD, Godollo, Hungary, "The Garden" Group Exhibition

2004 | ATELIER LUC DE BACKER, Ceramics, Solo Exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium

2004 | CENTRUM EDDY HEIREMANS, Group Exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium

2002 | LIGHTZONE STUDIO, Group Exhibition, Atlanta, USA.

2001 | GALLERY HOFSTEDE, Group Exhibition, 12 International artists, Arendonk, Belgium.

2000 | PHOTOGRAPHY MUSEUM OF HUNGARY, "The Ones Who Came" International photographers’ perspective of Hungary for the 1000 Yr. Anniversary of Hungary.

2000 |  MUSEUM KEMPENLAND, "Photographic Wall" of portraits of women, as a part of a display for an exhibit on the cultural and religious uses of scarves. National Collaboration of Museums in the Netherlands using "Textile" as a theme. Eindhoven NL. Poster.

1999 | THEATER HET KLEIN, "Secret Language" A retrospective of 20 years of personal work. Solo Exhibition, Eindhoven, NL.

1999 | THEATER HET KLEIN, "Dante’s Purgatory" Group Exhibition, Eindhoven, NL.

1998 | GALLERY 2, CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1995 | PHOTAL, Profesional Studio and Lecture Centre, Solo Exhibition, Wijchen, NL.

1988 | GALLERY/STUDIO KARL KEITNER, Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1987 | CANADIAN EMBASSY, "Connections"  Solo Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary.

1985 | GALLERY TIMOTHEE, Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1982 | NOVA SCOTIA SCHOOL OF DESIGN, "Art and Technology" Group Exhibition, CA

1981 | POWERHOUSE WOMEN’S GALLERY, "XEROX Art"  Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1981 | ATELIER LUKACS, "Fifteen Photographers" Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1980 | MOTIVATION 5, "Mon Pays", Group Exhibition, Montreal, CA. Catalogue.

1979 | DARWIN’S CAFE, Solo Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

1978 | GALLERY 2, CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, " "Latest Work" Solo Exhibition, Montreal, CA.

Published work

2019 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2018 | ‘LIGHT’ Online publication of poetry and photography, US

2018 | L’ARTE DEL CIBO, Hard cover on Food Photography published in Italy

2018 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2017 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2016 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2015 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2014 |  Contribution to 'FOODPRINT' Food Photography, Belgium

2013 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT'  Food Photography, Belgium

2012 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT', Food Photography, Belgium

2011 | Contribution to 'FOODPRINT', Food Photography, Belgium

2010 | GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN, Article over the exhibition 'One Year in China', Belgium

2008 | 'ONE YEAR IN CHINA', 174 pages of street photography and landscapes in China.   ISBN9781091111493

2003 | "DE FOTOGRAAF", Dutch and Belgian Photo magazine. Two page colour feature of personal work and interview.

2001 | "2001" PHOTO CALENDAR of personal work.

2001 | MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Hungary, Catalogue and CD ROM.

1980-2000 | Publicity portraits of actors, regularly published in TV GUIDE, MONTREAL GAZETTE, TORONTO STAR and VIDEO JACKETS and POSTERS for approx. 25 Film Titles.

2000 | MUSEUM KEMPENLAND, "Textile" 2000" Poster and Pamphlet.

1999 | "UIT" Magazine of Eindhoven. Article on "Secret Language".

1998 | CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, catalogue on group exhibition.

1998 | LOUISE BOUSQUET, Quebec Ceramist. Poster and Catalogue I photographed.

1997 | ABN-AMRO (Bank in the Netherlands) Poster and Post-cards of Artist in Eindhoven.

1992 | "FOTOMUVESZ" Art Photography magazine in Hungary. Five page colour feature of personal work and interview.

1988 | Modelled for two major artworks for well-known Canadian artist called EVERGON, 2x3 meter Polaroids hanging in the NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA.

1987 | "NOK LAPJA", Hungarian Women’s Magazine, Two page colour feature of personal work and interview.

1985 | "CINEMATEQUE", Monthly publication of films and culture in Montreal, Two page colour feature of "Film Stills" and interview.

1984 | Portrait of ELIZABETH SPENCER, author of "SALT LINE", Book Jacket.

1982 | "AGASTON-ADLER ERNO" Book of Poems, Cover Design and artwork.